Fitness Wireless Microphone, KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Waterproof Headset Microphone with Transmitter and 3.5mm Receiver…

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The NOTE Before Using

NOTE 1: The item is just for collecting sound, you’re going to still need another device to make it work.
Such as You’ll be able to use the speaker to amplify and output the sound. And you also can use smartphone,
computer or camera to record the sound.

NOTE 2: The recording devices such as smartphones can’t output the sound.
General smart devices are only used for sound recording or video recording.
You will can not listen the real-time audio when you are recording or live stream.

NOTE 3: For the better sound, the power of speaker or PA system that you use should be above 100W.
NOTE 4: For laptop and PC, you’re going to need one USB sound card with two 3.5mm jack (include headphone jack and microphone jack), the USB adapter is not included.

How to Record on Smartphones

1. Audio Recording
Use the built-in Recorder app or other recorder app to record audio by the splitter.

2. Video Recording For Android Phone — You’ll be able to download the Open Camera app from play market.
This app make stronger external microphone by using the splitter.
Setting Steps: Open the Open Camera app — click Settings on the upper right corner — Video Settings — Audio Source — External Mic (If Present)
For IPhones — Just use the camera that built-in the phone, it can make stronger external microphone.

When the recording finish, You’ll be able to use headphone to listen the audio that keep the splitter pulg in.
Or unplug the splitter and use the phone’s speaker to play audio.

【STABLE and COMFORTABLE】The wireless waterproof microphone is design for fitness coach and anyone requiring sports. Beautiful curves and simple shapes can effectively reinforce the stability and comfort of the product. It was simple to connect and fits perfectly around the head. The humanized structure design won’t fatigue you right through high-have an effect on use, even when moving, dancing, etc. The sweet waterproof and sweat-proof design enhances the customer’s experience and product life.
【SUPER SWEATPROOF】The device that picks up sound consists of dust-proof anti-corrosion shell and a professional waterproof condenser. It can effectively eliminate environmental interference and achieve high fidelity and restoration of voice reception. In addition, the gooseneck and wireframe headset are both built of waterproof sweatproof materials. We aim to provide a reliable and comfortable microphone for fitness customers.
【Plug and Play】The 2.4G headset microphone adopts international 2.4 GHz wireless transmission which can connect automatically within 2s. The 3.5mm receiver is suitable for ihpone, Android Phone, tablet and laptop with a free Y Splitter. Package includes a free 6.35mm adapter for voice amplifier, audio mixer, and outdoor speaker. Once you install the mic into your device with suitable adapter, You’ll be able to get the best sound quality by recording the audio or video.
【2 IN 1】The microphone can be used in two ways: used as a general headset mic, or remove the head bracket, it’ll grow to be a handheld microphone. The wireless transmitter is fixed on the head bracket. It can help you get rid of shackles of cable for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The microphone is suitable for fitness coach, spinning coach, aerobics coach, Yoga coach, Pilates coach, water sports, gym teacher, teacher, speech, YouTube video/audio recording and so on.
【Rechargeable】The wireless transmitter & receiver are powered by built-in Lithium batteries. They are able to be charged concurrently with the dual USB cable. The indicator light will turn red when charging and go out when fully charged. Transmitter and receiver can be fully charged within 3-4 hours and be used for 6-8 hours. Please use the 5V, 1A-2A charger for charging. The charger is not included. Package includes a high-quality carrying bag, easy to storage and carry.

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